Judith Ford, M.D.

Work Titles
UCLA Director, Palliative Care Program
M.D., University of Cambridge School of Clinical Med., 1982
1983 - 1983 Addenbrooke's Hospital
1983 - 1983 Chesterton Hospital
1989 - 1991 Palmerston North Hospital
1987 - 1988 Palmerston North Hospital
1986 - 1987 Palmerston North Hospital
1985 - 1986 Royal Marsden Hospital
1984 - 1985 Queen Square Institute of Neurology
1984 - 1984 Hammersmith Hospital
1983 - 1984 Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust
1983 - 1984 Anglesea Road Hospital
2004 American Board of Hospice and Palliative Medicine
1998 American Board of Radiology

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Work Address:

200 Medical Plaza, Ste. B265
CAMPUS - 695124

Detailed Biography:

Dr. Judith Ford received a Ph.D. in Physics in 1978 from Cambridge University UK, and subsequently obtained her Boards in Internal Medicine (MRCP) in 1985 and in Radiation Oncology (FRCR) in 1993. Her previous appointments include Clinical Research Scientist in the Department of Clinical Oncology and Radiotherapeutics in Cambridge, and Radiation Oncologist for Wellington Hospital in New Zealand.

Dr. Ford's main interests are in primary and secondary brain tumors, stereotactic radiosurgery, breast cancer and metastatic cancer. Since joining the faculty at UCLA in 1996, Dr. Ford has developed a prospective clinical research program in primary and secondary brain tumors. This includes an NCI sponsored phase I clinical trial of the radiation sensitizer Motexafin Gadolinium (previously known as Gadolinium Texaphyrin) in Glioblastoma Multiforme, and the National Brain Tumor Foundation funded research in quality of life for patients with brain metastases.

Dr. Ford is currently putting her UK and New Zealand experience in Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology and End-of-Life Care to use in developing an Acute Inpatient Palliative Care Unit at Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center together with Palliative Care Consult services for both UCLA hospitals.

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