Anne Churchland, Ph.D.

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The Churchland laboratory aims to uncover the computations implemented by neural circuits to support decision-making. We develop sophisticated decision-making paradigms for rodents and humans, measure neural activity in rodents, and develop analysis and modeling tools to connect the two. We have demonstrated that rodents, like humans, can integrate sensory signals in a Bayes-optimal manner to guide decisions. To understand the neural mechanisms supporting this ability, we use multiple cutting-edge methods to measure and manipulate neural areas and pathways with precision.

Work Titles
UCLA Professor, Neurobiology

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A selected list of publications:

Huang Longwen, Kebschull Justus M, Fürth Daniel, Musall Simon, Kaufman Matthew T, Churchland Anne K, Zador Anthony M   BRICseq Bridges Brain-wide Interregional Connectivity to Neural Activity and Gene Expression in Single Animals Cell, 2020; 182(1): 177-188.e27.
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