Ashley Feinsinger, Ph.D.

A Short Biography:

Dr. Feinsinger is bioethics faculty in the David Geffen School of Medicine and the Department of Philosophy at UCLA. Her work focuses on issues at the intersection of ethics, language, and medicine. She received her PhD in Philosophy from UCLA and has formal training in philosophy of language, ethics, bioethics, linguistics, and philosophy of mind. Her current work at the David Geffen School of Medicine involves researching, teaching, and designing curricular materials in the areas of bioethics and medical communication, with an emphasis on the physician-patient and researcher-participant relationship. She is co-chair of the bioethics selective for first and second year medical students, ethics curriculum team member for Doctoring 1, and she has developed and currently teaches a two-course undergraduate series in medical ethics in the department of philosophy. She also collaborates with the Department of Neurosurgery, researching the ethics of invasive non-therapeutic clinical neuroscience trials in humans. This current work, supported by the NIH-BRAIN Initiative, looks at the ethical complexities of altruism in motivating participants to enroll in research.

Work Titles
UCLA Adjunct Assistant Professor, Philosophy Adjunct Assistant Professor, Medicine

Contact Information:

Work Address:

885 Tiverton Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024


A selected list of publications:

Feinsinger, A. and Friedell, D.   Medicalization and Linguistic Agency Ratio, 2020; .
Campelia, G. and Feinsinger, A.   Creating Space for Feminist Ethics in Medical School, HEC Forum, 2020; .
Feinsinger, A.   The Variation Problem Philosophical Studies, 2020; .
Feinsinger, A.   The Semantic Lexicon and Analyticity, UCLA Working Papers in Linguistics, Papers in Semantics, 2012; 16: 51-68.

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