Sophia Apple, M.D.

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Sophia K. Apple M.D. is a Chief of Breast Pathology who has served on the UCLA School of Medicine faculty since she joined the Department of Pathology in 2002. She is an Associate Clinical Professor. Dr. Apple received her M.D. at Wright State University Medical Center in 1992. She received her Masters degree in Biochemistry at New York University and earned her B.S. in Biochemistry at New York University. She was trained in her anatomical and clinical pathology residency and Cytopathology fellowship at UCLA. She worked as a partner physician at Southern Kaiser Permanente group at Woodland Hills for more than four years and received an award for the most outstanding physician of the year at 2001. She has published over 40 original articles, abstracts, and book chapters. She is an author of the leading textbook titled "The Breast" which will be available via Elsevier Publisher. Dr. Apple’s research focuses on factors associated with the development of breast cancer and features associated with breast cancer biomarkers.

Work Titles
UCLA Chief, Breast Pathology Physician, Cytopathology Physician, Santa Monica-UCLA Pathology & Clinical Laboratory Associate Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Associate Professor, Cytopathology Associate Professor, Surgical Pathology
M.D., Wright State University School of Medicine, 1992
1997 - 1998 UCLA School of Medicine
1992 - 1997 UCLA School of Medicine
1998 American Board of Pathology
1997 American Board of Pathology

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(310) 794-7953

(310) 825-9288

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CHS 1P-244


A selected list of publications:

Konecny Gottfried E, Pauletti Giovanni, Untch Michael, Wang He-Jing, Möbus Volker, Kuhn Walther, Thomssen Christoph, Harbeck Nadia, Wang Ling, Apple Sophia, Jänicke Fritz, Slamon Dennis J   Association between HER2, TOP2A, and response to anthracycline-based preoperative chemotherapy in high-risk primary breast cancer Breast cancer research and treatment, 2010; 120(2): 481-9.
Apple Sophia K, Moatamed Neda A, Finck Rachel H, Sullivan Peggy S   Accurate classification of sentinel lymph node metastases in patients with lobular breast carcinoma Breast (Edinburgh, Scotland), 2010; 120(2): .
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Apple Sophia K, Lowe Alarice C, Rao P Nagesh, Shintaku I Peter, Moatamed Neda A   Comparison of fluorescent in situ hybridization HER-2/neu results on core needle biopsy and excisional biopsy in primary breast cancer Modern pathology : an official journal of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, Inc, 2009; 22(9): 1151-9.
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Haines G Kenneth, Wiley Elizabeth, Susnik Barbara, Apple Sophia K, Frkovic-Grazio Snjezana, Reyes Carolina, Goldstein Lynn C, Dadmanesh Farnaz, Gown Allen M, Nadji Mehrdad, Bracko Matej, Tavassoli Fattaneh A   HER2 in well differentiated breast cancer: is testing necessary? Breast cancer research and treatment, 2008; 112(3): 551-6.
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Ra Seong H, Fishbein Michael C, Baruch-Oren Tamar, Shintaku Peter, Apple Sophia K, Cameron Robert B, Lai Chi K   Mucinous adenocarcinomas of the thymus: report of 2 cases and review of the literature The American journal of surgical pathology, 2007; 31(9): 1330-6.
Burge Chandra N, Chang Helena R, Apple Sophia K   Do the histologic features and results of breast cancer biomarker studies differ between core biopsy and surgical excision specimens? Breast (Edinburgh, Scotland), 2006; 15(2): 167-72.
Prati Raquel, Apple Sophia K, He Jianbo, Gornbein Jeffrey A, Chang Helena R   Histopathologic characteristics predicting HER-2/neu amplification in breast cancer The breast journal, 2006; 11(6): 433-9.
Apple Sophia K   Variability in gross and microscopic pathology reporting in excisional biopsies of breast cancer tissue The breast journal, 2006; 12(2): 145-9.
Apple Sophia K   Invasive ductal carcinoma with tissue neutrophilia: a distinct entity? Breast (Edinburgh, Scotland), 2004; 13(6): 519-21.
Sartippour Maryam R, Rao Jian Yu, Apple Sophia, Wu Debbie, Henning Susanne, Wang Hejing, Elashoff Robert, Rubio Rosalio, Heber David, Brooks Mai N   A pilot clinical study of short-term isoflavone supplements in breast cancer patients Nutrition and cancer, 2004; 49(1): 59-65.
Zhang Liping, Maul Raymond Scott, Rao JianYu, Apple Sophia, Seligson David, Sartippour Maryam, Rubio Rosalio, Brooks Mai N   Expression pattern of the novel gene EG-1 in cancer Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, 2004; 10(10): 3504-8.

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