Xianghong Zhou, Ph.D.

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UCLA Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Member, Bioinformatics GPB Home Area Member, Gene Regulation GPB Home Area Member, Genetics & Genomics GPB Home Area Member, Medical Informatics GPB Home Area

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(310) 267-0363

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Boyer Hall, Suite 520


A selected list of publications:

Shin Hanjun, Shi Yi, Dai Chao, Tjong Harianto, Gong Ke, Alber Frank, Zhou Xianghong Jasmine   TopDom: an efficient and deterministic method for identifying topological domains in genomes Nucleic acids research, 2016; 44(7): e70.
Tjong Harianto, Li Wenyuan, Kalhor Reza, Dai Chao, Hao Shengli, Gong Ke, Zhou Yonggang, Li Haochen, Zhou Xianghong Jasmine, Le Gros Mark A, Larabell Carolyn A, Chen Lin, Alber Frank   Population-based 3D genome structure analysis reveals driving forces in spatial genome organization Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2016; 113(12): E1663-72.
Li Jian-Rong, Sun Chuan-Hu, Li Wenyuan, Chao Rou-Fang, Huang Chieh-Chen, Zhou Xianghong Jasmine, Liu Chun-Chi   Cancer RNA-Seq Nexus: a database of phenotype-specific transcriptome profiling in cancer cells Nucleic acids research, 2016; 44(D1): D944-51.
Li Wenyuan, Liu Chun-Chi, Kang Shuli, Li Jian-Rong, Tseng Yu-Ting, Zhou Xianghong Jasmine   Pushing the annotation of cellular activities to a higher resolution: Predicting functions at the isoform level Methods (San Diego, Calif.), 2016; 93(4): 110-8.
Li Wenyuan, Gong Ke, Li Qingjiao, Alber Frank, Zhou Xianghong Jasmine   Hi-Corrector: a fast, scalable and memory-efficient package for normalizing large-scale Hi-C data Bioinformatics (Oxford, England), 2015; 31(6): 960-2.
Gong Ke, Tjong Harianto, Zhou Xianghong Jasmine, Alber Frank   Comparative 3D genome structure analysis of the fission and the budding yeast PloS one, 2015; 10(3): e0119672.
Chen Yongheng, Chen Chunxia, Zhang Zhe, Liu Chun-Chi, Johnson Matthew E, Espinoza Celso A, Edsall Lee E, Ren Bing, Zhou Xianghong Jasmine, Grant Struan F A, Wells Andrew D, Chen Lin   DNA binding by FOXP3 domain-swapped dimer suggests mechanisms of long-range chromosomal interactions Nucleic acids research, 2015; 43(2): 1268-82.
Liu Chun-Chi, Tseng Yu-Ting, Li Wenyuan, Wu Chia-Yu, Mayzus Ilya, Rzhetsky Andrey, Sun Fengzhu, Waterman Michael, Chen Jeremy J W, Chaudhary Preet M, Loscalzo Joseph, Crandall Edward, Zhou Xianghong Jasmine   DiseaseConnect: a comprehensive web server for mechanism-based disease-disease connections Nucleic acids research, 2014; 42(Web Server issue): W137-46.
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Zhou Xianghong Jasmine, Alber Frank   Zooming in on genome organization Nature methods, 2012; 9(10): 961-3.
Yuan Wen, Wu Tong, Fu Hang, Dai Chao, Wu Hui, Liu Nan, Li Xiang, Xu Mo, Zhang Zhuqiang, Niu Tianhui, Han Zhifu, Chai Jijie, Zhou Xianghong Jasmine, Gao Shaorong, Zhu Bing   Dense chromatin activates Polycomb repressive complex 2 to regulate H3 lysine 27 methylation Science (New York, N.Y.), 2012; 337(6097): 971-5.
Li Wenyuan, Dai Chao, Liu Chun-Chi, Zhou Xianghong Jasmine   Algorithm to identify frequent coupled modules from two-layered network series: application to study transcription and splicing coupling Journal of computational biology : a journal of computational molecular cell biology, 2012; 19(6): 710-30.
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Huang Haiyan, Liu Chun-Chi, Zhou Xianghong Jasmine   Bayesian approach to transforming public gene expression repositories into disease diagnosis databases Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2010; 107(15): 6823-8.
Nunez-Iglesias Juan, Liu Chun-Chi, Morgan Todd E, Finch Caleb E, Zhou Xianghong Jasmine   Joint genome-wide profiling of miRNA and mRNA expression in Alzheimer's disease cortex reveals altered miRNA regulation PloS one, 2010; 5(2): e8898.
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Zhou Xianghong Jasmine, Gibson Greg   Cross-species comparison of genome-wide expression patterns Genome biology, 2004; 5(7): 232.

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