Joseph O'Neill

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UCLA Assistant Professor, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences Member, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Member, Center for Addictive Behaviors

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760 Westwood Plaza, 58-227 A Semel Institute
Los Angeles, CA 90095


A selected list of publications:

Clark Kristi, Narr Katherine L, O'Neill Joseph, Levitt Jennifer, Siddarth Prabha, Phillips Owen, Toga Arthur, Caplan Rochelle   White matter integrity, language, and childhood onset schizophrenia Schizophrenia research, 2012; 138(2-3): 150-6.
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Morales Angelica M, Lee Buyean, Hellemann Gerhard, O'Neill Joseph, London Edythe D   Gray-matter volume in methamphetamine dependence: Cigarette smoking and changes with abstinence from methamphetamine Drug and alcohol dependence, 2012; 221(2): .
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Seese Ronald R, O'Neill Joseph, Hudkins Matthew, Siddarth Prabha, Levitt Jennifer, Tseng Ben, Wu Keng Nei, Caplan Rochelle   Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy and thought disorder in childhood schizophrenia Schizophrenia research, 2011; 133(1-3): 82-90.
Hua Xue, Thompson Paul M, Leow Alex D, Madsen Sarah K, Caplan Rochelle, Alger Jeffry R, O'Neill Joseph, Joshi Kishori, Smalley Susan L, Toga Arthur W, Levitt Jennifer G   Brain growth rate abnormalities visualized in adolescents with autism Human brain mapping, 2011; 133(1-3): .
O'Neill Joseph, Seese Ronald, Hudkins Matthew, Siddarth Prabha, Levitt Jennifer, Tseng Pengju Benjamin, Wu Keng Nei, Gurbani Suresh, Shields W Donald, Caplan Rochelle   1H MRSI and social communication deficits in pediatric complex partial seizures Epilepsia, 2011; 52(9): 1705-14.
Kurth Florian, Narr Katherine L, Woods Roger P, O'Neill Joseph, Alger Jeffry R, Caplan Rochelle, McCracken James T, Toga Arthur W, Levitt Jennifer G   Diminished gray matter within the hypothalamus in autism disorder: a potential link to hormonal effects? Biological psychiatry, 2011; 70(3): 278-82.
Mittal Vijay A, Daley Melita, Shiode Marisa F, Bearden Carrie E, O'Neill Joseph, Cannon Tyrone D   Striatal volumes and dyskinetic movements in youth at high-risk for psychosis Schizophrenia research, 2010; 123(1): 68-70.
Babikian Talin, Marion Sarah Deboard, Copeland Sarah, Alger Jeffry R, O'Neill Joseph, Cazalis Fabienne, Mink Richard, Giza Christopher C, Vu Jennifer A, Hilleary Suzanne M, Kernan Claudia L, Newman Nina, Asarnow Robert F   Metabolic levels in the corpus callosum and their structural and behavioral correlates after moderate to severe pediatric TBI Journal of neurotrauma, 2010; 27(3): 473-81.
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Hamilton Liberty S, Levitt Jennifer G, O'Neill Joseph, Alger Jeffry R, Luders Eileen, Phillips Owen R, Caplan Rochelle, Toga Arthur W, McCracken James, Narr Katherine L   Reduced white matter integrity in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder Neuroreport, 2008; 19(17): 1705-8.
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Frye Mark A, Watzl June, Banakar Shida, O'Neill Joseph, Mintz Jim, Davanzo Pablo, Fischer Jeffrey, Chirichigno Jason W, Ventura Joseph, Elman Shana, Tsuang John, Walot Irwin, Thomas M Albert   Increased anterior cingulate/medial prefrontal cortical glutamate and creatine in bipolar depression Neuropsychopharmacology : official publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology, 2007; 32(12): 2490-9.
Ringman John M, O'Neill Joseph, Geschwind Daniel, Medina Luis, Apostolova Liana G, Rodriguez Yaneth, Schaffer Barbara, Varpetian Arousiak, Tseng Benjamin, Ortiz Freddy, Fitten Jaime, Cummings Jeffrey L, Bartzokis George   Diffusion tensor imaging in preclinical and presymptomatic carriers of familial Alzheimer's disease mutations Brain : a journal of neurology, 2007; 130(Pt 7): 1767-76.
Frye Mark A, Thomas M Albert, Yue Kenneth, Binesh Nader, Davanzo Pablo, Ventura Joseph, O'Neill Joseph, Guze Barry, Curran John G, Mintz Jim   Reduced concentrations of N-acetylaspartate (NAA) and the NAA-creatine ratio in the basal ganglia in bipolar disorder: a study using 3-Tesla proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy Psychiatry research, 2007; 154(3): 259-65.
Mirza Yousha, O'Neill Joseph, Smith Ethan A, Russell Aileen, Smith Janet M, Banerjee S Preeya, Bhandari Rashmi, Boyd Courtney, Rose Michelle, Ivey Jennifer, Renshaw Perry F, Rosenberg David R   Increased medial thalamic creatine-phosphocreatine found by proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy in children with obsessive-compulsive disorder versus major depression and healthy controls Journal of child neurology, 2006; 21(2): 106-11.
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O'Neill Joseph, Siembieda Douglas W, Crawford K Casey, Halgren Eric, Fisher Abraham, Fitten L Jaime   Reduction in distractibility with AF102B and THA in the macaque Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior, 2003; 76(2): 301-6.
O'Neill Joseph, Marconi Katherine   Underserved populations, resource-poor settings, and HIV: innovative palliative care projects Journal of palliative medicine, 2003; 6(3): 457-9.
O'Neill Joseph, Schuff Norbert, Marks William J, Feiwell Robert, Aminoff Michael J, Weiner Michael W   Quantitative 1H magnetic resonance spectroscopy and MRI of Parkinson's disease Movement disorders : official journal of the Movement Disorder Society, 2002; 17(5): 917-27.

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