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Ph.D., University of Melbourne

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Miriam Laugesen, Ph.D. researches the political determinants of health policy. A major focus of Dr. Laugesen’s research focus is on state health policies. She researches the political factors that shape the regulation of health insurance, including mandated health insurance benefits in the United States, particularly for breast, and cervical cancer-related services, and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine coverage policies. A second focus of her state health policy research is state health insurance coverage expansions for children in a joint UCLA-RAND project focusing on Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Washington.

Her other major area of research is on the role of physicians' groups in the regulation of physician payment in the Medicare program, especially payment rates under the Resource-Based Relative Value Scale and the Sustainable Growth Rate, and physicians’ interaction with Congressional committees.

In the area of comparative health policy, past and ongoing work explores the backlash against market reforms in National Health Service countries, cross-border health care, and European Union integration of health policy.

Dr Laugesen has a PhD in Political Science from the University of Melbourne in Australia and was a Visiting Student in Harvard’s Health Policy PhD Program between 1996-7. She trained in health services research as a post-doctoral fellow in the RAND-UCLA Health Services Research Training Program funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Between 2006-7 she was a Visiting Scholar at Harvard’s Center for European Studies.

In 2008 Dr Laugesen was appointed to the position of Associate Director for the Masters in Public Health. She is responsible for advising students interested in the Health Policy concentration within the Masters program.


A selected list of publications:

M.J. Laugesen, R. Paul, H. Luft, W. Aubry, T. Ganiats.   Comparative Analysis of Health Insurance Mandates, 1949-2002, Health Services Research, 2006; 41(3): 1081-1103.
G.F. Kominski, J. Ripps, M.J. Laugesen, B. Cosway, and N. Pourat.   The California Cost and Coverage Model: Assessing the Cost of Mandated Benefits, Health Services Research , 2006; 41(3): 1027-1044.
Laugesen, M.   Why Some Market Reforms are More Legitimate than Others, Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 2005; 30(December): 1065-1100.
M. Beeuwkes-Buntin, J. Escarce, D. Goldman, H. Kan, M. J. Laugesen, and P. Shekelle.   Increased Medicare Expenditures for Physicians’ Services: What are the Causes?, Inquiry , 2004; 41(Spring): 83-94.
M. J. Laugesen and T Rice.   Is the Doctor In? The Evolving Role of Organized Medicine in Health Policy, Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 2003; 28(April): 289-316 .

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