Adriana Galvan, Ph.D.

Work Titles
UCLA Associate Professor, Psychology Associate Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience Associate Professor, Developmental Psychology Member, Brain Research Institute Member, Neuroscience GPB Home Area
Ph.D., Cornell University

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2263B FH

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1285 Franz Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095


A selected list of publications:

Galván A, Poldrack RA, Baker, CM, McGlennen KM, London ED.   Neural Correlates of Response Inhibition and Cigarette Smoking in Late Adolescence, Neuropsychopharmacology, ; in press: .
Casey BJ, Hare, TA, Galván A.   Risky and impulsive components of adolescent decision-making, , ; Attention and Performance: Processes of Change in Brain and CognitiveDevelopment. (M Delgado, E. Phelps & T Robbins (Eds) (in press): .
Galván A   Adolescent development of the reward system, Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2010; 4: 1-9.
Galván, A   Neural plasticity of development and learning, Human Brain Mapping, 2010; 31(6): 879-890.
Juvonen J, Galván A.   Bullying as a means to foster compliance , , 2009; In: A Social Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective. (M. Harris (Ed)): 299-318.
Casey BJ, Getz S, Galvan A   The adolescent brain, Developmental Review, 2008; 28(1): 62-77.
Galván A, Hare TA, Voss H, Glover G, Casey BJ.   Risk-taking and the adolescent brain: Who is at risk?, Developmental Science, 2007; 10(2): F8-F14.
Spicer J*, Galván A*, Hare TA, Voss H, Glover G, Casey BJ.   Sensitivity of the nucleus accumbens to violations in expectation of reward, Neuroimage, 2007; 34: 455-461.
Galván A, Hare TA, Parra CE, Penn J, Voss H, Glover G, Casey BJ.   Earlier development of the accumbens relative to orbitofrontal cortex might underlie risk-taking behavior in adolescents, Journal of Neuroscience, 2006; 26(25): 6885-6892.

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