Mehrnaz Hadian

A Short Biography:

Dr. Hadian is an internist who is Board certified in Critical Care Medicine, Hospice and Palliative Care Medicine as well as Neurocritical Care. Her academic interests is developing educational courses and seminars on different aspects of intensive care medicine and ICU procedures for medical students, residents and critical care fellows and physicians. Dr. Hadian’s main clinical research interests have been in the area of circulatory shock and resuscitation, different methods of hemodynamic monitoring in critically ill patients, bioethics in clinical research and end-of-life issues in the intensive care unit.

Work Titles
UCLA Health Sciences Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine
2004 - 2006 University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Department of Critical Care Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA, , Multi-disciplinary Critical Care Fellowship Program
Academic Experience:
2001 - 2004 Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA,, Internal Medicine Residency Program
Academic Experience:
2000 - 2001 Massachusetts General Hospital, Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care, Boston, MA,, Visiting Researcher
2004 - 2014 American Board of Internal Medicine,, Internal Medicine Board Certification
2006 - 2016 American Board of Internal Medicine,, Critical Care Board Cerification
2010 - 2020 American Board of Internal Medicine,, Hospice and Palliative Care Board Certification
2011 - 2021 United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties,, Neurocritical Care Board Certification
Honors and Awards:
2015 Keck Graduate Institute and Southwestern Law School, Bioscience Industry Law and Practice Certificate
2014 - American College of Critical care Medicine,, FCCM
2014 - Southwestern Law School, Larraine Segil Strategic Alliance Scholarship
2012 - Southwestern Law School, Los Angeles, CA,, Wildman- Schumacher Scholarship
2005 - University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Department of Critical Care Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA, , National Research Service Award Fellow
2003 - Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA,, Sol Sherry Award for Excellence in Research
2001 - Iranian American Medical Association,, Young Investigator Award
1997 - Shahid Beheshti University, School of Medicine, Tehran, Iran,, Ranked Firat, MD Graduating Class
2012 - 2016 Southwestern Law School, Los Angeles, CA,, JD Candidate
2005 - 2007 University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine, Institute for Clinical Research Education, Pittsburgh, PA, , MSc in Clinical Research
1989 - 1997 Shahid Beheshti University, School of Medicine, Tehran, Iran,, MD
Certification Type:
2005 - Medical Board of California

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Detailed Biography:

Ranked first in her graduating class, Dr Hadian received her Medical Diploma in 1997 from Shahid Beheshti School of Medicine, one of Iran’s leading Medical Schools in Tehran. After graduation Dr. Hadian served as a general practitioner in the rural and underserved area of her home country for two years, before coming to the United States in February 2000 to continue her post-graduate medical education. She first worked as a visiting researcher at the Pulmonary and Critical Care Unit in Massachusetts General Hospital of Harvard Medical School in Boston for a year. She then completed her Internal Medicine Residency at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, followed by a two-year Multi-Disciplinary Fellowship Program in Critical Care Medicine at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) in Pittsburgh. Joining the Clinical Research Training Program, she was selected as a National Research Service Award (NRSA) fellow at the Department of Critical Care Medicine, UPMC. She earned her Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSCR) from the Institute for Clinical Research Education at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. In 2007, Dr. Hadian joined Cedars-Sinai Medical Center as a critical care faculty and a staff proceduralist, and started her academic appointment with UCLA in 2008. Between 2012 and 2016, she completed her JD on a part-time basis at Southwestern Law School, Los Angeles, where she served as the president of Law and Medicine Society, vice president of Women's Law Association and a member of the board of directors of the Public Interest Law Committee on campus. While in law school, she continued to work as an intensivist for Critical Care Intensivist Service at Saperstein Critical Care Tower, CSMC, and remained dedicated to medical education by teaching Problem Based Learning, Doctoring and ICU Simulation courses to medical students at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. She is the founder of INSPIRE CCM, the Institute for Public Informing of Research and Education in Critical Care Medicine. The organization mission is to promote awareness about the ICU standard of care, the discipline of Critical Care Medicine, and how it should be practiced to save lives and to preserve the quality of those lives saved. Dr. Hadian's vision is to ensure the critically ill in EVERY hospital receive the highest standard of care in a TIMELY manner that will give them the highest chance of surviving a critical illness, while avoiding ineffective aggressive measure and unnecessary invasive procedures that will not change the outcome of an illness. She is a Fellow of the American College of Critical Care Medicine and serves on Ethics committee, Patient and Family Support committee, Fundamentals of Critical Care Support Committee, and Intensivist In Practice committee of the Society of Critical Care Medicine.


A selected list of publications:

Hadian, Mehrnaz   Patients’ Autonomy v. Physicians’ Responsibility: What’s the Verdict? The Law Commentator, 2012; .
Hadian Mehrnaz, Severyn Donald A, Pinsky Michael R   The effects of vasoactive drugs on pulse pressure and stroke volume variation in postoperative ventilated patients Journal of critical care, 2011; 26(3): 328.e1-8.
Hadian Mehrnaz, Kim Hyung Kook, Severyn Donald A, Pinsky Michael R   Cross-comparison of cardiac output trending accuracy of LiDCO, PiCCO, FloTrac and pulmonary artery catheters Critical care (London, England), 2010; 14(6): R212.
Salehian Mohammad-Taghi, Salehian Arash, Mossaffa Nariman, Hadian Mehrnaz, Eghtesadi-Araghi Payam   Allograft en bloc vagino-utero-ovarian avascular transplant versus autograft implantation in rats Experimental and clinical transplantation : official journal of the Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation, 2008; 6(4): 307-11.
Hadian, Mehrnaz and Pinsky, Michael R   Functional hemodynamic monitoring Current Opinion in Critical Care, 2007; 13(3): 318-323.
Huang, David T and Hadian, Mehrnaz   Bench-to-bedside review: Human subjects research- are more standards needed? Critical Care, 2006; 10(244): .

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