Hrayr S Karagueuzian

Work Titles
UCLA Professor, Medicine Faculty, Cardiovascular Research Laboratory Faculty, Cardiology

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(310) 206-5777

(310) 206-5777

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(310) 825-9360

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Los Angeles, CA 90095


A selected list of publications:

Ono N, Hayashi H, Kawase A, Lin S-F, Li H, Weiss JN, Chen P-S, Karagueuzian HS   Spontaneous atrial fibrillation initiated by triggered activity near the pulmonary veins in aged rats subjected to glycolytic inhibition, Am J Physiol (Heart & Circulatory Physiology), 2007; 292:H639-H648.
Miyauchi, M, Qu Z, Miyauchi Y, Zhou S-M, Pak H, Mandel WJ, Fishbein MC, Chen P-S, Karagueuzian HS   Chronic nicotine in hearts with healed ventricular myocardial infarction promotes atrial flutter that resembles typical human atrial flutter, Am J Physiol, Heart & Circulatory Physiology, 2005; 288:H2878-H2886.
Miyauchi Y, Hayashi H, Miyauchi M, Okuyama Y, Mandel WJ, Chen P-S, Karagueuzian HS   Heterogeneous pulmonary vein myocardial cell repolarization: implications for reentry and triggered activity. Heart Rhythm, (Figure 1 of this paper made the cover of the Journal and an editorial accompanied the article), 2005; 2:1339-1345.
Miyauchi Y, Fishbein MC, Karagueuzian HS   Electrical current-induced atrial and pulmonary vein action potential duration shortening and repetitive activity, Am J Physiol, Heart & Circulatory Physiology, 2004; 287:H178-186.
Miyauchi Y, Ohara K, Ohara T, Fishbein MC, Zhou S, Lee MH, Mandel WJ, Chen P-S, Karagueuzian HS   Altered atrial electrical restitution and sympathetic hyperinnervation in hearts with chronic left ventricular myocardial infarction. Implications to atrial fibrillation, Circulation, 2003; 108:360-366.
Yashima M, Miyauchi Y, Cao J-M, Kim Y-H, Mandel WJ, Chen P-S, Karagueuzian HS   The mechanism of the probabilistic nature of ventricular defibrillation threshold, Am. J. Physiol, 2003; 284: H249-255.
Ohara T, Qu, Z. Lee M-H, Ohara K, Ohara K, Omichi C, Mandel WJ, Chen P-S, < Karagueuzian HS   Increased vulnerability to inducible atrial fibrillation caused by partial cellular uncoupling with heptanol, Am J Physiol, 2002; 283:H1116-1122.
Swissa M, Ohara T, Lee M-H, Kaul S, M.D. Shah PK, Chen P-S, Karagueuzian HS   Sildenafil-nitric oxide donor combination promotes ventricular tachyarrhythmias in the swine right ventricle, Am J Physiol, Heart & Circulatory Physiology, 2002; 282: H1787-1792.

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