M. Belinda Tucker

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UCLA Professor, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences

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Ashing-Giwa Kimlin T, Tejero Judith S, Kim Jinsook, Padilla Geraldine V, Kagawa-Singer Marjorie, Tucker M Belinda, Lim Jung-Won   Cervical cancer survivorship in a population based sample Gynecologic oncology, 2009; 112(2): 358-64.
Ashing-Giwa Kimlin T, Kagawa-Singer Marjorie, Padilla Geraldine V, Tejero Judith S, Hsiao Evana, Chhabra Rajinder, Martinez Lucrecia, Tucker M Belinda   The impact of cervical cancer and dysplasia: a qualitative, multiethnic study Psycho-oncology, 2004; 13(10): 709-28.

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