Alan Garfinkel, Ph.D.

Work Titles
UCLA Professor, Integrative Biology and Physiology Professor, Medicine Member, Molecular, Cellular & Integrative Physiology GPB Home Area Member, Neuroengineering Training Program Faculty, Cardiovascular Research Laboratory
Ph.D., Harvard University

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1121 Terasaki Life Science Bldg
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Detailed Biography:

Dr. Garfinkel graduated from Cornell and received his PhD from Harvard in philosophy and mathematics. He is particularly interested in nonlinear dynamics and its applications to medicine.




A selected list of publications:

Griffis Christopher G, Mistry Janki, Islam Kendall, Cutler Tamara, Colwell Christopher S, Garfinkel Alan   Circadian and ultradian rhythms in normal mice and in a mouse model of Huntington's disease Chronobiology international, 2022; 39(4): 513-524.
Qu Zhilin, Liu Michael B, Olcese Riccardo, Karagueuzian Hrayr, Garfinkel Alan, Chen Peng-Sheng, Weiss James N   R-on-T and the initiation of reentry revisited: Integrating old and new concepts Heart rhythm, 2022; 39(4): 513-524.
Garfinkel Alan, Bennoun Steve, Deeds Eric, Van Valkenburgh Blaire   Teaching Dynamics to Biology Undergraduates: the UCLA Experience Bulletin of mathematical biology, 2022; 84(3): 43.
O'Leary Erin Sanders, Sayson Hannah Whang, Shapiro Casey, Garfinkel Alan, Conley William J, Levis-Fitzgerald Marc, Eagan M Kevin, Van Valkenburgh Blaire   Reimagining the Introductory Math Curriculum for Life Sciences Students CBE life sciences education, 2021; 20(4): ar62.
Corazza Paolo, Maddison John, Bonetti Paolo, Guo Li, Luong Vy, Garfinkel Alan, Younis Saad, Cordeiro Maria Francesca   Predicting wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) using DARC (detecting apoptosing retinal cells) AI (artificial intelligence) technology Expert review of molecular diagnostics, 2021; 21(1): 109-118.
Pham Bau N, Luo Jiangyuan, Anand Harnadar, Kola Olivia, Salcedo Pia, Nguyen Connie, Gaunt Sarah, Zhong Hui, Garfinkel Alan, Tillakaratne Niranjala, Edgerton V Reggie   Redundancy and multifunctionality among spinal locomotor networks Journal of neurophysiology, 2020; 124(5): 1469-1479.
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Ponnaluri Aditya V S, Verzhbinsky Ilya A, Eldredge Jeff D, Garfinkel Alan, Ennis Daniel B, Perotti Luigi E   Model of Left Ventricular Contraction: Validation Criteria and Boundary Conditions Functional imaging and modeling of the heart : ... International Workshop, FIMH ..., proceedings. FIMH, 2019; 11504(8): 294-303.
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Ponnaluri Aditya V S, Perotti Luigi E, Liu Michael, Qu Zhilin, Weiss James N, Ennis Daniel B, Klug William S, Garfinkel Alan   Electrophysiology of Heart Failure Using a Rabbit Model: From the Failing Myocyte to Ventricular Fibrillation PLoS computational biology, 2016; 12(6): e1004968.
Prudat Yann, Madhvani Roshni V, Angelini Marina, Borgstom Nils P, Garfinkel Alan, Karagueuzian Hrayr S, Weiss James N, de Lange Enno, Olcese Riccardo, Kucera Jan P   Stochastic pacing reveals the propensity to cardiac action potential alternans and uncovers its underlying dynamics The Journal of physiology, 2016; 594(9): 2537-53.
Liu Michael B, de Lange Enno, Garfinkel Alan, Weiss James N, Qu Zhilin   Delayed afterdepolarizations generate both triggers and a vulnerable substrate promoting reentry in cardiac tissue Heart rhythm, 2015; 12(10): 2115-24.
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Madhvani Roshni V, Angelini Marina, Xie Yuanfang, Pantazis Antonios, Suriany Silvie, Borgstrom Nils P, Garfinkel Alan, Qu Zhilin, Weiss James N, Olcese Riccardo   Targeting the late component of the cardiac L-type Ca2+ current to suppress early afterdepolarizations The Journal of general physiology, 2015; 145(5): 395-404.
Guo Yina, Sun Mingzhu, Garfinkel Alan, Zhao Xin   Mechanisms of side branching and tip splitting in a model of branching morphogenesis PloS one, 2014; 9(7): e102718.
Qu Zhilin, Hu Gang, Garfinkel Alan, Weiss James N   Nonlinear and Stochastic Dynamics in the Heart Physics reports, 2014; 543(2): 61-162.
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Chang Marvin G, Sato Daisuke, de Lange Enno, Lee Jong-Hwan, Karagueuzian Hrayr S, Garfinkel Alan, Weiss James N, Qu Zhilin   Bi-stable wave propagation and early afterdepolarization-mediated cardiac arrhythmias Heart rhythm : the official journal of the Heart Rhythm Society, 2012; 9(1): 115-22.
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Madhvani Roshni V, Xie Yuanfang, Pantazis Antonios, Garfinkel Alan, Qu Zhilin, Weiss James N, Olcese Riccardo   Shaping a new Ca²⁺ conductance to suppress early afterdepolarizations in cardiac myocytes The Journal of physiology, 2011; 589(Pt 24): 6081-92.
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