Scott A John

Work Titles
UCLA Associate Professor, Medicine Faculty, Cardiovascular Research Laboratory Faculty, Cardiology

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(310) 794-1348



A selected list of publications:

Ji, S.* S.A. John*, Y. Lu and J.N. Weiss (* Joint first authors)   Mechanosensititvity of the Cardiac Muscarinic K Channel: A Novel Property Conferrred by Kir 3.4 Subunit, J. Biol Chem, 1998; 273 1324-1328.
John, S.A., J.R. Monck, J.N. Weiss and B Ribalet   The Sulphonylurea Receptor SUR1 Regulates ATP-Sensitive Mouse Kir 6.2 K Channels Linked to the Green Fluorescent Protein in Human Embryonic Kidney Cells (HEK293), J. Physiol, 1998; 333-345.
John, S.A., D. Saner, J.D.Pitts, A. Holzenberg, M.E ,Finbow and R. Lal   Atomic Force Microscopy of Arthropod Gap Junctions, J Struct Biol, 1997; 120 1-12.
Shieh, R-C. S.A. John, J-K. Lee and J.N. Weiss   Inward rectification of IRK1 expressed in Xenopus oocytes: effects of intracellular pH reveal an intrinsic gating mechanism, J. Physiol, 1996; 494, 363-376.

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