Jau-Nian Chen, Ph.D.

Work Titles
UCLA Professor, Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology Member, Cell & Developmental Biology GPB Home Area Member, JCCC Cancer and Stem Cell Biology Program Area
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Contact Information:

Work Phone Number:

(310) 206-4513

Laboratory Address:

Room 490C, BSRB
Campus - 160606

Office Address:

Los Angeles, CA 90095

Work Address:

Los Angeles, CA 90095


A selected list of publications:

Nguyen Catherine T, Langenbacher Adam, Hsieh Michael, Chen Jau-Nian   The PAF1 complex component Leo1 is essential for cardiac and neural crest development in zebrafish Developmental biology, 2010; 341(1): 167-75.
Wilson Christopher W, Nguyen Catherine T, Chen Miao-Hsueh, Yang Jehn-Hsiahn, Gacayan Rhodora, Huang Jie, Chen Jau-Nian, Chuang Pao-Tien   Fused has evolved divergent roles in vertebrate Hedgehog signalling and motile ciliogenesis Nature, 2009; 459(7243): 98-102.
Colantonio Jessica R, Vermot Julien, Wu David, Langenbacher Adam D, Fraser Scott, Chen Jau-Nian, Hill Kent L   The dynein regulatory complex is required for ciliary motility and otolith biogenesis in the inner ear Nature, 2009; 457(7226): 205-9.
Langenbacher Adam, Chen Jau-Nian   Calcium signaling: a common thread in vertebrate left-right axis development Developmental dynamics : an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists, 2008; 237(12): 3491-6.
Xie Yi, Ottolia Michela, John Scott A, Chen Jau-Nian, Philipson Kenneth D   Conformational changes of a Ca2+-binding domain of the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger monitored by FRET in transgenic zebrafish heart American journal of physiology. Cell physiology, 2008; 295(2): C388-93.
Liu Jing, Fraser Sherri D, Faloon Patrick W, Rollins Evvi Lynn, Vom Berg Johannes, Starovic-Subota Olivera, Laliberte Angie L, Chen Jau-Nian, Serluca Fabrizio C, Childs Sarah J   A betaPix Pak2a signaling pathway regulates cerebral vascular stability in zebrafish Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2007; 104(35): 13990-5.
Lu Gang, Ren Shuxun, Korge Paavo, Choi Jayoung, Dong Yuan, Weiss James, Koehler Carla, Chen Jau-nian, Wang Yibin   A novel mitochondrial matrix serine/threonine protein phosphatase regulates the mitochondria permeability transition pore and is essential for cellular survival and development Genes & development, 2007; 21(7): 784-96.
Choi Jayoung, Dong Linda, Ahn Janice, Dao Diem, Hammerschmidt Matthias, Chen Jau-Nian   FoxH1 negatively modulates flk1 gene expression and vascular formation in zebrafish Developmental biology, 2007; 304(2): 735-44.
Cibri├ín-Uhalte Elena, Langenbacher Adam, Shu Xiaodong, Chen Jau-Nian, Abdelilah-Seyfried Salim   Involvement of zebrafish Na+,K+ ATPase in myocardial cell junction maintenance The Journal of cell biology, 2007; 176(2): 223-30.
Shu Xiaodong, Huang Jie, Dong Yuan, Choi Jayoung, Langenbacher Adam, Chen Jau-Nian   Na,K-ATPase alpha2 and Ncx4a regulate zebrafish left-right patterning Development (Cambridge, England), 2007; 134(10): 1921-30.
Kim HJ, Sumanas S, Palencia-Desai S, Dong Y, Chen JN and Lin S   Genetic analysis of early endocrine pancreas formation in zebrafish, Molecular Endocrinology, 2006; 20: 194-203.
Mably John D, Chuang Lesley P, Serluca Fabrizio C, Mohideen Manzoor-Ali P K, Chen Jau-Nian, Fishman Mark C   santa and valentine pattern concentric growth of cardiac myocardium in the zebrafish Development (Cambridge, England), 2006; 133(16): 3139-46.
Chen Jau-Nian, Cowan Douglas B, Mably John D   Cardiogenesis and the regulation of cardiac-specific gene expression Heart failure clinics, 2005; 1(2): 157-70.
Jin Suk-Won, Beis Dimitris, Mitchell Tracy, Chen Jau-Nian, Stainier Didier Y R   Cellular and molecular analyses of vascular tube and lumen formation in zebrafish Development (Cambridge, England), 2005; 132(23): 5199-209.
Beis Dimitris, Bartman Thomas, Jin Suk-Won, Scott Ian C, D'Amico Leonard A, Ober Elke A, Verkade Heather, Frantsve Julie, Field Holly A, Wehman Ann, Baier Herwig, Tallafuss Alexandra, Bally-Cuif Laure, Chen Jau-Nian, Stainier Didier Y R, Jungblut Benno   Genetic and cellular analyses of zebrafish atrioventricular cushion and valve development Development (Cambridge, England), 2005; 132(18): 4193-204.
Langenbacher Adam D, Dong Yuan, Shu Xiaodong, Choi Jayoung, Nicoll Debora A, Goldhaber Joshua I, Philipson Kenneth D, Chen Jau-Nian   Mutation in sodium-calcium exchanger 1 (NCX1) causes cardiac fibrillation in zebrafish Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2005; 102(49): 17699-704.
Huang Haigen, Zhang Bo, Hartenstein Parvana A, Chen Jau-nian, Lin Shuo   NXT2 is required for embryonic heart development in zebrafish BMC developmental biology, 2005; 5(2): 7.
Shu Xiaodong, Cheng Karen, Patel Neil, Chen Fuhua, Joseph Elaine, Tsai Huai-Jen, Chen Jau-Nian   Na,K-ATPase is essential for embryonic heart development in the zebrafish Development (Cambridge, England), 2003; 130(25): 6165-73.
Cross Laura M, Cook Marisa A, Lin Shuo, Chen Jau-Nian, Rubinstein Amy L   Rapid analysis of angiogenesis drugs in a live fluorescent zebrafish assay Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology, 2003; 23(5): 911-2.
Mably John D, Mohideen Manzoor Ali P K, Burns C Geoffrey, Chen Jau-Nian, Fishman Mark C   heart of glass regulates the concentric growth of the heart in zebrafish Current biology : CB, 2003; 13(24): 2138-47.
Childs Sarah, Chen Jau-Nian, Garrity Deborah M, Fishman Mark C   Patterning of angiogenesis in the zebrafish embryo Development (Cambridge, England), 2002; 129(4): 973-82.
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Chen J-N, van Bebber F, Goldstein AM, Serluca FC, Jackson D, Childs S, Serbedzija G, Warren KS, Mably JD, Lindahl P, Mayer A, Haffter P, Fishman MC   Genetic steps to organ laterality in zebrafish, Comparative and Functional Genomics, 2001; 2: 60-68.
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Chen J-N and Fishman MC   Genetics of Cardiac Development in Vertebrates, Trends in Genetics , 2000; 16: 383-388.
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Chin AJ, Chen J-N, Weinberg ES.   Bone morphogenetic protein-4 expression characterizes inductive boundaries in organs of developing zebrafish, Devel. Genes and Evolu , 1997; 207: 107-114.
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Chen JN, van Eeden FJ, Warren KS, Chin A, N??sslein-Volhard C, Haffter P, Fishman MC   Left-right pattern of cardiac BMP4 may drive asymmetry of the heart in zebrafish Development (Cambridge, England) , 1997; 124(21): 4373-82.
Chen JN, Haffter P, Odenthal J, Vogelsang E, Brand M, van Eeden FJ, Furutani-Seiki M, Granato M, Hammerschmidt M, Heisenberg CP, Jiang YJ, Kane DA, Kelsh RN, Mullins MC, N??sslein-Volhard C   Mutations affecting the cardiovascular system and other internal organs in zebrafish Development (Cambridge, England) , 1996; 123: 293-302.
Stainier DY, Fouquet B, Chen JN, Warren KS, Weinstein BM, Meiler SE, Mohideen MA, Neuhauss SC, Solnica-Krezel L, Schier AF, Zwartkruis F, Stemple DL, Malicki J, Driever W, Fishman MC   Mutations affecting the formation and function of the cardiovascular system in the zebrafish embryo Development (Cambridge, England) , 1996; 123: 285-92.
Chen J-N, Fishman MC.   Zebrafish tinman homolog demarcates the heart field and initiates myocardial differentiation, Development, 1996; 122: 3809-3816.
Murphy M, Chen JN, George DL   Establishment and characterization of a human leptomeningeal cell line Journal of neuroscience research. , 1991; 30(3): 475-83.

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