Kenneth L. Lange, Ph.D.

A Short Biography:

Kenneth Lange is the Rosenfeld Professor of Computational Genetics and Chair of the Department of Human Genetics at University of California, Los Angeles. He previously served as chair of the UCLA Department of Biomathematics. From 1994 to 1998 he was Professor of Biostatistics and Mathematics and the Pharmacia & Upjohn Foundation Research Professor at the University of Michigan. He has authored four advanced textbooks and published more than 200 scientific papers in the areas of genetic epidemiology, population genetics, membrane physiology, demography, oncology, medical imaging, stochastic processes, and optimization theory. Many of his landmark papers predate by a decade or more the current flood of biological applications of hidden Markov chains, Markov chain Monte Carlo, and high-dimensional optimization.

Work Titles
UCLA Chair, Human Genetics Professor, Statistics Maxine and Eugene Rosenfeld Professor of Computational Genetics, Human Genetics Professor, Biomathematics Member, Bioinformatics GPB Home Area Member, Genetics & Genomics GPB Home Area
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T), Cambridge, MA, 1968 - 1971
M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T), Cambridge, MA, 1967 - 1968
B.S., Michigan State University, 1967

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Detailed Biography:

Kenneth Lange is the Maxine and Eugene Rosenfeld Professor of Computational Genetics and Chair of the Department of Human Genetics. He previously served as chair of the Department of Biomathematics for nine years and has held permanent or visiting appointments at the University of New Hampshire, University of Michigan, University of Helsinki, M.I.T, Harvard, and Stanford. He has authored four advanced textbooks and published nearly 200 scientific papers.

Two themes dominate Dr. Lange's research. One is the development of novel mathematical methods in optimization theory, applied probability, and computational statistics. The other is a devotion to realistic biological modeling. Although there is bound to be a tension between these two poles, the advancement of the biomedical sciences depends on bridging the gap. His contributions to genetic epidemiology, population genetics, membrane physiology, demography, oncology, and medical imaging highlight some of the connections. Many of his landmark papers predate by a decade or more the current flood of biological applications of hidden Markov chains, Markov chain Monte Carlo, and high-dimensional optimization.

Dr. Lange has also made important software contributions to the human genetics community. His program Mendel is the Swiss army knife of statistical genetics packages. He and faculty colleague Eric Sobel are constantly adding new utilities, with a recent emphasis on special handling of the enormous data sets generated by SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) association studies.

Neil Risch, Michael Boehnke, Daniel Weeks, Eric Sobel, Eric Schadt, and Laura Lazzeroni are among his former graduate students. This list constitutes a Who's Who of statistical genetics. He continues to mentor and inspire bright students who combine mathematical talent with biological curiosity.


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A selected list of publications:

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