Gayle Cocita Baldwin, Ph.D.

Work Titles
UCLA Director, Cord Blood/Reproductive Sciences Administrator, Virology/BSL3 Tissue Culture Core (CFAR) Associate Professor, Medicine Member, JCCC Cancer and Stem Cell Biology Program Area

Contact Information:

Work Email Address:

Work Phone Number:

(310) 206-6778

Mailing Address:

18801/18802 BSRB
615 Charles E. Young Drive South
Mailcode: 736322
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Work Address:

615 Charles E. Young Drive South
Mailcode: 736322
Los Angeles, CA 90095


A selected list of publications:

Roth MD, Tashkin DP, Whittaker KM, Choi R, Baldwin GC   Tetrahydrocannabinol suppresses immune function and enhances HIV replication in the huPBL-SCID mouse Life sciences, 2005; 77(14): 1711-22.
Roth MD, Whittaker K, Salehi K, Tashkin DP, Baldwin GC   Mechanisms for impaired effector function in alveolar macrophages from marijuana and cocaine smokers Journal of neuroimmunology. , 2004; 147(1-2): 82-6.
Baum LG, Blackall DP, Arias-Magallano S, Nanigian D, Uh SY, Browne JM, Hoffmann D, Emmanouilides CE, Territo MC, Baldwin GC   Amelioration of graft versus host disease by galectin-1 Clinical immunology (Orlando, Fla.) , 2003; 109(3): 295-307.
Shay AH, Choi R, Whittaker K, Salehi K, Kitchen CM, Tashkin DP, Roth MD, Baldwin GC   Impairment of antimicrobial activity and nitric oxide production in alveolar macrophages from smokers of marijuana and cocaine The Journal of infectious diseases. , 2003; 187(4): 700-4.

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