Olujimi Ajijola, M.D., Ph.D.

A Short Biography:

Dr. Ajijola's clinical interests lie in the application of neuromodulation, as adjunctive therapy, for treating patients with minor and severe cardiac arrhythmias. His basic/translational research interests are focused on understanding how cardiac sympathetic innervation remodels in response to ischemic or non-ischemic cardiac injury, and the mechanistic underpinnings of myocardial arrhythmogenesis in this setting. Using state-of-the-art electrical mapping techniques, we are able to study myocardial electrical propagation under a variety of sympathetic and parasympathetic loads. In addition to cardiac electrical mapping, other expertise includes intraganglionic neural recordings, targeted induction of human disease models for experimental study.

Work Titles
UCLA Co-Director, UCLA-Caltech Medical Scientist Training Program Associate Professor, UCLA Cardiac Arrhythmia Center Member, Molecular, Cellular & Integrative Physiology GPB Home Area

Contact Information:

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Detailed Biography:

Dr. Ajijola completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Virginia, and received his medical degree from Duke University, during which he participated in the HHMI Medical Research Fellows Program. He went on to the Massachusetts General Hospital for residency training in internal medicine, and completed clinical fellowships in cardiovascular medicine and cardiac electrophysiology at UCLA. He received a Ph.D. in Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Physiology at UCLA, as part of the Specialty Training and Advanced Research (STAR) program.

From a clinical research perspective, he is interested in neuromodulation, as adjunctive therapies, for treating patients with minor and severe cardiac arrhythmias, and performs invasive cardiac electrophysiological procedures.

His translational research lab is focused on understanding how cardiovascular injury induces remodeling within the cardiac neural hierarchy, and how various neuromodulatory strategies may be aimed at treating cardiovascular diseases, including sudden cardiac death. In addition to the NIH Director’s New Innovator award, he is also a recipient of the A. P. Giannini Foundation post-doctoral award, and a Young Physician Scientist Award from the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI).

He serves as Co-Director of the UCLA-Caltech Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) and directs the Neurocardiology Research Program of Excellence within the UCLA Cardiac Arrhythmia Center.  He also serves on the leadership team of the UCLA Specialty Training and Advanced Research (STAR) program, and directs the internal medicine residency research pathway (ProSTAR), as well as teh NIH R38 Funded Resident-Scientist Training Program.



A selected list of publications:

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