Daniel Margolis, M.D.

A Short Biography:

Dr. Margolis is in charge of virtual colonography at UCLA. He is interested in the use of MRI for characterization of cancer and efficacy of treatment. Dr. Margolis has been a co-director of prostate imaging at UCLA for nearly 10 years, where over 500 magnetic resonance imaging studies of the prostate per year are performed for diverse indications including pre-surgical staging, biopsy guidance, and radiotherapy planning. Their findings have been presented at national and international meetings, and have resulted in many publications, including 6 so far this year, and it is the first institution to have presented dynamic contrast MRI of the prostate using the hybrid pulse sequence TWIST and the use of diffusion tensor imaging for the neurovascular bundles. In addition to clinical and research support, Dr. Margolis lectures on the use of advanced imaging techniques for prostate and renal imaging locally and at regional urological meetings, including UCLA's State-of-the-Art Urology, Prostate Cancer Research Institute, and recent ICPME Webinars.

Work Titles
UCLA Health Sciences Associate Clinical Professor, Abdominal Imaging
M.D., USC School of Medicine, 1994 - 1998
2003 - 2005 Stanford University Medical Center
1998 - 1999 VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System
1999 - 2003 UCLA School of Medicine
2003 American Board of Radiology

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Work Phone Number:

(310) 301-6800

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Practice Location
UCLA 200 Medical Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095


A selected list of publications:

Young Jonathan R, Margolis Daniel, Sauk Steven, Pantuck Allan J, Sayre James, Raman Steven S   Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma: Discrimination from Other Renal Cell Carcinoma Subtypes and Oncocytoma at Multiphasic Multidetector CT Radiology, 2013; .
Sonn Geoffrey A, Natarajan Shyam, Margolis Daniel J A, MacAiran Malu, Lieu Patricia, Huang Jiaoti, Dorey Frederick J, Marks Leonard S   Targeted biopsy in the detection of prostate cancer using an office based magnetic resonance ultrasound fusion device The Journal of urology, 2013; 189(1): 86-91.
Kaplan Alan L, Margolis Daniel J, Said Jonathan, Chin Arnold I   Primary carcinoid tumor of urinary bladder discovered on pelvic magnetic resonance imaging Urology, 2012; 80(5): e55-7.
Nagarajan Rajakumar, Margolis Daniel, Raman Steven, Sarma Manoj K, Sheng Ke, King Christopher R, Verma Gaurav, Sayre James, Reiter Robert E, Thomas M Albert   MR spectroscopic imaging and diffusion-weighted imaging of prostate cancer with Gleason scores Journal of magnetic resonance imaging : JMRI, 2012; 36(3): 697-703.
Tan Nelly, Margolis Daniel J A, McClure Timothy D, Thomas Albert, Finley David S, Reiter Robert E, Huang Jiaoti, Raman Steven S   Radical prostatectomy: value of prostate MRI in surgical planning Abdominal imaging, 2012; 37(4): 664-74.
Finley David S, Ellingson Benjamin M, Natarajan Shyam, Zaw Taryar M, Raman Steve S, Schulam Peter, Reiter Robert E, Margolis Daniel   Diffusion tensor magnetic resonance tractography of the prostate: feasibility for mapping periprostatic fibers Urology, 2012; 80(1): 219-23.
Furuyama Jon K, Wilson Neil E, Burns Brian L, Nagarajan Rajakumar, Margolis Daniel J, Thomas M Albert   Application of compressed sensing to multidimensional spectroscopic imaging in human prostate Magnetic resonance in medicine : official journal of the Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine / Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2012; 67(6): 1499-505.
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Yu Nam C, Margolis Daniel, Hsu Margaret, Raman Steven S, Lu David S K   Detection and grading of esophageal varices on liver CT: comparison of standard and thin-section multiplanar reconstructions in diagnostic accuracy AJR. American journal of roentgenology, 2011; 197(3): 643-9.
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Margolis Daniel Jason Aaron, Bammer Roland, Chow Lawrence C   Parallel imaging of the abdomen Topics in magnetic resonance imaging : TMRI, 2004; 15(3): 197-206.

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