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Shaping the Future

Amander Clark, Ph.D.

Contact Information:

Work Phone Number:

794 4201

Office Address:

615 Charles E Young Drive South
Box 951606
Los Angeles, CA 90095


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     Clark Lab

Member, Cell & Developmental Biology GPB Home Area

Eli & Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Research

Genetics & Genomics GPB Home Area

JCCC Cancer and Stem Cell Biology Program Area

Detailed Biography:

Amander T Clark is a cell biologist and geneticist who was recruited to UCLA Department of Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology and Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Medicine to establish a new and exciting research program in stem cell biology. Prior to joining the faculty at UCLA, Amander was on faculty at the University of California, San Francisco where she worked under the mentorship of Dr. Renee Reijo Pera to build a cell based model to study human embryo development using human embryonic stem cells. This pioneering work was the first to demonstrate that human embryonic stem cells could be used to differentiate the human germ cell lineage in vitro. Amander has been the recipient of a number of awards for her research including a Young Investigator Award from the International Society for Stem Cell Research (2003), a Lalor Foundation Research Award (1999-2000), An Australian Postgraduate Award (1995-1998) and a Deans Prize for academic excellence (1994). Amander's work has published in significant high impact Journals including Nature, Human Molecular Genetics, Stem Cells and Cancer, and is a sought after speaker on the topic of human embryonic stem cell biology.


Clark Amander T   Pluripotency Takes Off without Blimp1 Cell stem cell, 2012; 11(1): 1-2.
Deshpande Amit M, Khalid Omar, Kim Jeffrey J, Kim Yong, Lindgren Anne, Clark Amander T, Wong David T W   Cdk2ap2 Is a Novel Regulator for Self-Renewal of Murine Embryonic Stem Cells Stem cells and development, 2012; 11(1): .
Gossett Daniel R, Tse Henry T K, Lee Serena A, Ying Yong, Lindgren Anne G, Yang Otto O, Rao Jianyu, Clark Amander T, Di Carlo Dino   Hydrodynamic stretching of single cells for large population mechanical phenotyping Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2012; 109(20): 7630-5.
Diaz Perez Silvia V, Kim Rachel, Li Ziwei, Marquez Victor E, Patel Sanjeet, Plath Kathrin, Clark Amander T   Derivation of new human embryonic stem cell lines reveals rapid epigenetic progression in vitro that can be prevented by chemical modification of chromatin Human molecular genetics, 2012; 21(4): 751-64.
Clark Amander T, Phillips Bart T, Orwig Kyle E   Fruitful progress to fertility: male fertility in the test tube Nature medicine, 2011; 17(12): 1564-5.
Lindgren Anne G, Natsuhara Kyle, Tian E, Vincent John J, Li Xinmin, Jiao Jing, Wu Hong, Banerjee Utpal, Clark Amander T   Loss of Pten causes tumor initiation following differentiation of murine pluripotent stem cells due to failed repression of Nanog PloS one, 2011; 6(1): e16478.
Vincent John J, Li Ziwei, Lee Serena A, Liu Xian, Etter Marisabel O, Diaz-Perez Silvia V, Taylor Sara K, Gkountela Sofia, Lindgren Anne G, Clark Amander T   Single cell analysis facilitates staging of Blimp1-dependent primordial germ cells derived from mouse embryonic stem cells PloS one, 2011; 6(12): e28960.
Mandal Sudip, Lindgren Anne G, Srivastava Anand S, Clark Amander T, Banerjee Utpal   Mitochondrial Function Controls Proliferation and Early Differentiation Potential of Embryonic Stem Cells Stem cells (Dayton, Ohio), 2010; .
Mayshar Yoav, Ben-David Uri, Lavon Neta, Biancotti Juan-Carlos, Yakir Benjamin, Clark Amander T, Plath Kathrin, Lowry William E, Benvenisty Nissim   Identification and classification of chromosomal aberrations in human induced pluripotent stem cells Cell stem cell, 2010; 7(4): 521-31.
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Biancotti Juan-Carlos, Narwani Kavita, Buehler Nicole, Mandefro Berhan, Golan-Lev Tamar, Yanuka Ofra, Clark Amander T, Hill David, Benvenisty Nissim, Lavon Neta   Human Embryonic Stem Cells as Models for Aneuploid Chromosomal Syndromes Stem cells (Dayton, Ohio), 2010; 7(3): .
Chodavarapu Ramakrishna K, Feng Suhua, Bernatavichute Yana V, Chen Pao-Yang, Stroud Hume, Yu Yanchun, Hetzel Jonathan A, Kuo Frank, Kim Jin, Cokus Shawn J, Casero David, Bernal Maria, Huijser Peter, Clark Amander T, Krämer Ute, Merchant Sabeeha S, Zhang Xiaoyu, Jacobsen Steven E, Pellegrini Matteo   Relationship between nucleosome positioning and DNA methylation Nature, 2010; 466(7304): 388-92.
Kamei Ken-ichiro, Ohashi Minori, Gschweng Eric, Ho Quinn, Suh Jane, Tang Jinghua, For Yu Zeta Tak, Clark Amander T, Pyle April D, Teitell Michael A, Lee Ki-Bum, Witte Owen N, Tseng Hsian-Rong   Microfluidic image cytometry for quantitative single-cell profiling of human pluripotent stem cells in chemically defined conditions Lab on a chip, 2010; 10(9): 1113-9.
Clark Amander T   Egg-citing advances in generating primordial germ cells in the laboratory Biology of reproduction, 2010; 82(2): 233-4.
Kim Yong, Deshpande Amit, Dai Yanshan, Kim Jeffrey J, Lindgren Anne, Conway Anne, Clark Amander T, Wong David T   Cyclin-dependent kinase 2-associating protein 1 commits murine embryonic stem cell differentiation through retinoblastoma protein regulation The Journal of biological chemistry, 2009; 284(35): 23405-14.
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Ambartsumyan Gayane, Clark Amander T   Aneuploidy and early human embryo development Human molecular genetics, 2008; 17(R1): R10-5.
Bostick Magnolia, Kim Jong Kyong, Estève Pierre-Olivier, Clark Amander, Pradhan Sriharsa, Jacobsen Steven E   UHRF1 plays a role in maintaining DNA methylation in mammalian cells Science (New York, N.Y.), 2007; 317(5845): 1760-4.
Clark Amander T   Establishment and differentiation of human embryonic stem cell derived germ cells Society of Reproduction and Fertility supplement, 2007; 63(2): 77-86.
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Ezeh Uche I, Turek Paul J, Reijo Renee A, Clark Amander T   Human embryonic stem cell genes OCT4, NANOG, STELLAR, and GDF3 are expressed in both seminoma and breast carcinoma Cancer, 2005; 104(10): 2255-65.
Clark Amander T, Goldowitz Daniel, Takahashi Joseph S, Vitaterna Martha Hotz, Siepka Sandra M, Peters Luanne L, Frankel Wayne N, Carlson George A, Rossant Janet, Nadeau Joseph H, Justice Monica J   Implementing large-scale ENU mutagenesis screens in North America Genetica, 2004; 122(1): 51-64.
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