Bruce Gerratt, Ph.D.

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My research, jointly conducted with Jody Kreiman, PhD in the Voice Perception Laboratory, has focused on understanding the links among laryngeal physiology, acoustics of voice, and the quality these sounds evoke in the listener. My research has focused on understanding the problems I have experienced as a clinician in applying traditional methods of voice measurement in managing patients with voice disorders. This clinical perspective has provided an opportunity to apply classic methods of psychoacoustics and source-filter theory to explore the sources of variability in listener auditory-perceptual judgments and devise alternate methods for more valid and reliable measurement of voice quality in the clinic.

Work Titles
UCLA Director, Audiology Clinic Director, Speech Pathology Clinic Professor, Surgery Member, UCLA Voice Center for Medicine and the Arts Principal Investigator, Voice Perception Laboratory Consultant, Laryngeal Dynamics Laboratory
Ph.D., Northwestern University College of Arts & Sciences, 1981

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Work Email Address:

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