Gerald Berke, M.D.

Chief, Head and Neck Surgery, Head and Neck Oncology
Professor, Head and Neck Surgery, Surgery
Member, Airway Stenosis Program, Head and Neck Surgical Oncology, Nasal and Sinus Disease Center, UCLA Voice Center for Medicine and the Arts
Principal Investigator, Laryngeal Physiology Laboratory
Consultant, Laryngeal Dynamics Laboratory

A Short Biography:

Dr. Berke received his medical degree in 1978 from the University of Southern California. He completed his surgical internship at the Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center, followed by his head and neck residency training at UCLA. In 1984 Dr. Berke was appointed to the faculty in the UCLA Division of Head and Neck Surgery to cover the head and neck service at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center. In 1988, Dr Berke became Co-Chief of the VA Head and Neck Service and in January 1992, Dr. Berke was given an accelerated promotion to full Professor and appointed Chief of the UCLA Head and Neck Division. Dr. Berke is considered by his peers to be an international authority on laryngeal physiology. He is either an editorial consultant or board member of most, if not all, of the distinguished Head and Neck Surgery journals and is a reviewer both for VA Merit Review Grants as well as for the NIH/NIDCD RFA Centers of Excellence Grants. He has personally been well funded by these agencies both for his laryngeal vibration studies and voice quality measures and for his current work in free flap reconstruction in the treatment of patients with head and neck carcinoma. Dr. Berke's studies have produced the foundation for an extraordinarily productive voice laboratory dedicated to the assessment of laryngeal function. Currently Dr. Berke is working on requirements for organ and nerve preservation for eventual laryngeal transplantation in humans. Dr. Berke has mentored a long list of students and residents in his lab and in the clinical arena where he maintains an active practice in phonatory surgery and head and neck oncology.

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