Marc Suchard, M.D., Ph.D.

Work Titles and Affiliation
UCLA Professor, Biostatistics Faculty, BWF-IT-MD
M.D., University of California, Los Angeles

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(310) 825-7442

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Departments of Biomathematics, Biostatistics and Human Genetics
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Detailed Biography:

Marc Suchard is helping to develop the nascent field of evolutionary medicine. This field harnesses the power of methods and theory from evolutionary biology to advance our understanding of human disease processes. Just as phylogenetic approaches have stimulated the field of evolution at large, they posses the potential to revolutionize evolutionary medicine, particularly in the study of rapidly evolving pathogens. To bridge the gap between phylogenetics and human-pathogen biology, Dr Suchard's interests focus on the development of novel reconstruction methods drawing heavily on statistical, mathematical and computation techniques. Some of his current projects involve jointly estimating alignments and phylogenies from molecular sequence data and mapping recombination hot-spots in the HIV genome.


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Algorithms Amino Acid Sequence Amino Acid Substitution Animals Anti-HIV Agents Area Under Curve Base Sequence Bayes Theorem Bias (Epidemiology) Biological Evolution Biology Biomedical Research Bison Chromosome Mapping Classification Cluster Analysis Codon Communicable Diseases Computational Biology Computer Simulation DNA DNA Primers DNA Viruses DNA, Mitochondrial DNA, Viral Data Interpretation, Statistical Databases, Factual Demography Dengue Dengue Virus Disease Outbreaks Dogs Drug-Induced Liver Injury Evolution, Molecular Extinction, Biological Fossils Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage Genes Genes, Viral Genetic Speciation Genetic Variation Genetics, Population Genome, Viral Genomics Genotype Geography HIV HIV Infections HIV-1 Hepacivirus History, 20th Century History, Ancient Humans Influenza A Virus, H3N2 Subtype Influenza A Virus, H5N1 Subtype Influenza, Human Internet Joints Knowledge Life Likelihood Functions Mammals Markov Chains Mathematics Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Methods Models, Biological Models, Genetic Models, Statistical Models, Theoretical Molecular Biology Molecular Epidemiology Molecular Sequence Data Monte Carlo Method Motivation Mutation Open Reading Frames Orthomyxoviridae Phenotype Phylogeny Phylogeography Population Density Population Dynamics Prevalence RNA Viruses RNA, Viral Rabies Rabies virus Recombination, Genetic Research Design Risk Assessment Role Saccharomyces Selection, Genetic Sequence Alignment Sequence Analysis Sequence Analysis, DNA Software Staphylococcal Infections Statistics, Nonparametric Stochastic Processes Swine Time Time Factors Trees Ursidae Viral Envelope Proteins Viral Proteins

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