Glen H. Egstrom

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UCLA Member, Integrative Biology and Physiology

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Principal Investigator in a 6 year study for the Office of Naval Research, involving underwater work tolerance. These studies follow the development of underater work measement techniques over a period of several years. Work on the quantification of diver stress and related decrements has been the primary objective. Principal Investigator on a NOAA Sea Grant to inventory the underwater recreational resources of the Los Angeles County coastline. This underwater work project involved over 2000 hours of diving each year by the diving team. During this work he also served as a member of the Los Angeles County Beach Advisory Board. Principal Investigator for the UCLA Diving Safety Research Project since 1973 for the evaluation of diving equipment, emergency procedures and training methods. This continuing project also includes studies of recreational aquatic safety. Director of the Underwater Kinesiology Laboratory at UCLA 1965 to 1998. Aquatic Kinesiology studies on lift and drag characteristics, water entry procedures, stroke mechanics, fluid balance in swimmers and ergometry are currently active. Principal Investigator - Study Awards, National Swimming Pool Foundation. "Alcohol and Diving Performance," "A Review of the Literature on the Effects of Alcohol as they relate to Aquatic Skills such as Diving Headfirst into Shallow Water." and "Effects of Lift and Drag Components on Diving in Shallow Water."

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